[PRO] 10 things you need to know about SEO!

Hi guys! Search engine optimization is bundle of tactics, methods and strategies used to generate more traffic to any website. Every website owner needs SEO if he wants his website on the top rankings. SEO is basically very complicated and tough process, which takes restless efforts and strategies. SEO has no particular strategy, it is regularly changing technique. So, if you want to be expert in SEO you have to work according to the latest SEO techniques and tactics. The more unique and powerful your techniques will be, the more you have chances to become a successful SEO expert. Let me tell you some important things about SEO so that you can have good idea about SEO. 1. Unique Content – The most popular word in SEO industry and you should know why it is so popular and important too. It’s not only people who are searching for unique content but even search engines too. You should know the power of high quality and unique content. Always write unique content which attracts readers, Continue reading

[DANGER] Top 10 SEO Scams!

Hi. From the time SEO has been introduced there are lot of SEO scams came into influence. Suddenly a crowd appears as self titled SEO Experts, which always use to offer guaranteed top page rankings. It is very common now days to get spam emails from so called SEO experts who claim top 10 rankings through their SEO services.  You need to be aware of these kind of so called SEO scammers and the best way is to becoming more educated about SEO. Once you know the basics of the SEO you can easily choose perfect SEO services for you. With the boost in SEO industries the competition in SEO industry becomes tight. As a result some unethical people claim so many false things they can do. But the reality is there is no particular technique for SEO, it always changes with time. So without wasting any time I am explaining the facts about SEO scams. 1. Guaranteed rankings – Some SEO scammers claim these kinds of fake promises. But in reality these kinds of results are not possible, totally meaningless. Continue reading

[TOP ARTICLE] What are Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat SEO?

Hot & top article... Search engine optimization is a collection of techniques methods and tactics to increase any websites popularity or to increase visitors. There are so many companies who adopt unethical techniques to get on to the top; this unethical technique is known as Black Hat SEO. The next technique is White Hat SEO; this is ethical way to do SEO according to the guidelines given by the search engines. The another technique is known as Grey Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO has no perfect definitions but it falls between Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO means Google hasn’t caught up with these strategies. However Black Hat SEO doesn’t mean that you are doing something illegal and FBI or Interpol will arrest you for doing all this stuff. Black hat simply means Google doesn’t like it but it doesn’t make it illegal in the eyes of constitution. It also doesn’t mean people who do Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO are evil people it’s just a different way to look at things. Continue reading

[BEGINNERS] The benefits of good SEO training courses!

Important... Search engine optimization (SEO) is various tactics, strategies and methods used to help target website pages rank highly on the search engines. SEO is still strange for lots of people because a very few people know about this technique. SEO has a huge impact on all those businesses which used to operate online. A very good knowledge of recent SEO practices will necessary to perform well in today’s online business climate. There are many ways to learn SEO but training sources are the best way to get contemporary or advanced information on SEO. The reasons why training courses are the best way to learn SEO: 1. They promote SEO more superficially so that every learner gets very depth understanding of this complicated project. Training courses always provide learner a clear and core view about the up to date information about SEO. 2. The best training courses are created by the top SEO professionals and experts. The top most experts and professionals provides you a better Continue reading

[MUST READ] SEO: A best way to get out of unemployment.

Hi guys! The great recession has ended, but still unemployment is a huge problem in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, and Philippines. Business industries are struggling to get a stand on their feet. You can see some successful business collapsed due to recession. For the world recession might has ended but for the developing nations unemployment is still a huge problem. Some nations really haven’t seen the end of this recession period. Many people are looking for best paying and compatible jobs in their locality but they are not able to get good opportunities. There are vacancies in the marketing field but these kind of marketing jobs are not a stable source of income. Many people can opt SEO as real income-generating opportunity. SEO is the only answer to all the questions related to unemployment. SEO provides a great opportunity to people who want to earn good and stable income sources.  There are so many companies which collapse their business but SEO industry remains Continue reading

[REVIEW] 5 Best SEO Tools!

Hi! If you are a SEO professional you must have to accept the fact that without SEO software and tools SEO is dead difficult. The SEO tools can make this complicated stuff very easier and faster. There are several tools designed to every purpose of SEO. These tools always provide you best help while doing SEO. From the very starting point of keywords research to the finish line of analysis these tools are very handy. There are many SEO tools available on the internet and this content will help you to choose the best tool for yourself. There are some tools which can helps you to increase the popularity of your website dynamically. 1. Google adwords keywords tool – Keywords are very important part of your SEO research. Keywords are the base foundation of every SEO practice. Google adwords was basically aimed to help the Google advertiser, but we can also use it for keywords search. Google adwords will helps you to target the keywords with low competition. Google adwords provides you Continue reading

[BEGINNERS] Why you must learn SEO?

James here... Everyone who owns websites wants their websites on the top of the search engine results page and wants to stay on the top always. But climbing the top is not easy as a, b, c it takes whole lot of doing. And there is only one way to get on the top that is search engine optimization.  SEO services now days is on the boost on internet, because there are a lots of websites and every website owner wants their website on the top results on search engines like Google , yahoo and Bing. Every website owner has thousands of competitors. SEO helps you to make your website stand out. That is why SEO is assurance of growing and raising business marketing and other stuff. If you are a website owner or SEO learner you must know these reasons why SEO is must. Reasons why you must learn SEO 1. SEO is Important. No Website can rise without it, without SEO website is perishing.  It is simple that more number of websites will increase the more the competition will increase. And to reach Continue reading

[READ] Why SEO is such a hot topic online?

Friends: SEO is one of the hottest topics online, wherever you go, you can see people fighting over seo. Most of the burning questions revolve around these topics 1) Is seo legit industry or seo industry is a scam? 2) What should be the anchor text distribution? 3) Should we listen to Matt cuts? 4) How we should generate backlinks to our website? 5) Should I drop seo and concentrate on adwords? 6) Should I do blackhat, whitehat or greyhat seo? 7) Whom should I listen to? 8) Guru “Rowan Atkinson” (fake name) is authority in seo or he is complete bull shit.  These are some of the questions from widely discussed topic of seo. Let’s see why there is so much controversy around seo? The first reason is “Google doesn’t want you to win in seo”. Off course, Google has vested interest in this. They can’t see people doing seo and forgetting about adwords. Though, they make billions of dollars from adwords. However, large amount of business owners remain focuses on seo Continue reading

[QUESTION] What is SEO and how can it boost your business?

Hi... Search engine optimization is basically tactics and methods used to increasing the visitors to any website. The more effective SEO is done the more you can attract users and visitors to your site. There are not only these techniques which can place your website to top rankings but there is some more fundamental tricks and resources which can give your website huge boost to get placed in a good rank. There are so many companies which are using rapid and unethical techniques like Black Hat SEO, these unethical techniques are strictly against the search engine policies. By using these unethical techniques they achieved good results overnight but this is not the right way to do genuine SEO.  These Black Hat SEO techniques are usually used to fool the search engine to get more n more traffic to websites. But if they got caught by using these unethical techniques by the search engine algorithms they can be banned permanently. If we talk about SEO strategies content writing has a major Continue reading

[CONTINUE] +5 lies about SEO – Part 2.

Hi again... The last article really hit some nerves. Our readers wanted me to write part 2 of this article. We do not disappoint our readers, so here we go with part 2. These are other set of 5 lies which are plaguing our seo industry for so long. 1) Meta keywords work – Everyone wants to insert Meta keywords. However, it doesn’t make any difference. Google knows everybody insert their favorite keywords. They have other ways to check which keywords you should rank for. So, if you insert Meta keywords or you don’t. That doesn’t make any difference. 2) $5 fiver gig can rank your site – No, it can’t. No matter, how much they try. Fiverr guys can’t rank any site. In fact, they can help you in deindexing your website. If you want to taste some seo penalties, please go ahead and buy fiverr gigs. I have seen countless people harming their site because of these gigs. 3) You can learn seo by watching course – You can learn 90% of seo by watching various courses. There are ton Continue reading